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Careprost (Generic Brand Latisse/bimatoprost) - Pittsburgh, PA

I bought bimatoprost under the Careprost brand...

I bought bimatoprost under the Careprost brand since Latisse is just repackaged glaucoma drops. It's under $13 for a 3 mL bottle plus shipping. It doesn't come with brushes, so I purchased an eyeliner brush. I am almost six weeks in of daily use, and I doubt even half the bottle is gone. Also, I try to clean the brush with hot water and Listerine to prevent contamination.
It took about five weeks of no results before I discovered about 10 lashes longer than the rest. I am very excited because a review on youtube said that once those few lashes appear, the rest are soon to follow.
Please tell me where did you buy the Careorost? I would like to order a couple of bottles.
Hi, Sorry I did not see your post earlier. I got it from "all day pharmacy". I know we are not allowed to post links, but you can find it. It is the cheapest place I found in terms of price on a lot of different products and on shipping because if you pay with online with a check, shipping goes from $25 to $15.
Thank you!!!
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