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I opted for Palomar 1540 treatments due to acne...

I opted for Palomar 1540 treatments due to acne scarring on my cheeks. I was nervous about having the procedure (i.e. pain and discomfort from procedure, healing time, expected results); however, found the procedure to be quite tolerable. I took 1/2 of an anti-anxiety pill prior to the procedure, as recommended by the practice's medical director and received nothing for pain. An esthetician performed the procedure (2 passes each) over my cheeks, under eye area, chin and nose. I've had three threatments so far and have noticed a tremendous improvement in the depth and appearance of my scars. It is 7 weeks since my 3rd treatment. My pores have significantly reduced in size, and I am happy to say that I no longer experience break-outs as I was prior to the treatments. Also, my skin is less oily in appearance.

Like others, I did experience odd flare-ups of acne after all three treatments. The flare-ups started 2 days after each procedure and lasted nearly 2 weeks. However, my skin cleared up well after 2 weeks. I learned to just ride it out and let it take its toll.

The biggest con for me has been the waffle print marks I'm left with from the laser. They are subtle, yet most obvious to me. I was seen this past week for a follow up and was told this should resolve with time. I am less confident in this happening. In addition, the esthetician shared that she consulted with another practice as to whether they've seen this in other patients, and was advised it is "protocal" to use a flat tip laser surface during the 2nd pass, so as to avoid the waffle print.

I have decided to undergo up to 3 more treatments to boost my results. Overall, I am pleased with the results and feel additional treatments will only improve the appearance of my scarring more. In addition, I am putting my faith in the medical doctor and esthetician that the waffle prints will diminish with time and by using the flat tip during future 2nd passes.

Hi Maddie, was your waffle imprint indented or just a discolouration? Can you give an update as to whether it did in fact go away or not?
What have you been using on your skin after treatment? I found that using Aquaphor ointment made my waffle imprint go away after about 4 days. The first time I had the treatment done, and I didn't use Aquaphor my waffle imprints lasted nearly 2 weeks. Also, I found that icing my skin directly after treatment helped alot too. I just had my third treatment done about 2 weeks ago and will undergoing a 4th in a month or so. I live in Pittsburgh as well, may I ask where you went?

Hi Maddie, 

This is a good review. On the one hand it's positive, and the other it informs things about the procedure that you didn't like but you still marked it as worth it, which is good. Please keep us update as how your next procedures go. 

Thanks so much!


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