Mohs Surgery by my Left Eye - Pittsburgh, PA

When I was told I may have skin cancer, I was...

When I was told I may have skin cancer, I was beside myself. I considered ignoring it, hoping it would just go away. Reluctantly, I scheduled the appointment for surgery, without doing any of my own research. The dermatologist reassured me that the ocular plastic surgeon was the best in Pittsburgh. According to the dermatologist, the worst outcome could be webbing by my eye.
After the Mohs surgery was completed, I did not have cancer, only some abnormal cells. Thank goodness I had the summer off to heal and I was able to wear sunglasses. I was not fit to be seen in public.
Now that 5 months has passed since the surgery, I have slight webbing by my eye, an unsightly scar on the bridge of my nose (where he took skin to fill in the hole by tear duct) and the most shocking for me, my left eye is now smaller! This was not something I was prepared for. The plastic surgeon feels this is the best that can be done and he can only make my right eye smaller, which I may consider.
The only advise I can offer anyone is always get a second opinion. Know what you're getting yourself into and be very specific about your expectations.

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I highly recommend this procedure. Life changing!
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