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Growing up, I always wanted BOOBS. I just had to...

Growing up, I always wanted BOOBS. I just had to have 'em... Be careful what you wish for! :-) By the time I was in 7th grade, I was a full C-cup. Then they got bigger... and bigger. I'm currently a 34E and HATE them! I've thought about having a breast reduction off and on for several years but thought I was too young for such a "drastic" surgery. Was not being able to wear normal clothes, bathing suits (a bikini, YEAH RIGHT), hating to exercise in front of people, and having neck/back pain really worth having surgery...? YES!

I've worked at a hospital for about 1 1/2 yrs now and the neck/back pain really kicked it up a notch when I added on nursing school full-time. It was then that I realized to avoid future/more serious problems, I should proceed with a BR. I saw Dr. Kenneth Shestak in August for my consultation. I was interested in a liposuction only BR which he thought was possible.

When I went for my pre-op appointment a few weeks ago, my PS changed course and recommended a full surgical reduction. He said that it would give me better results that I'd be happy with. Liposuction would give me "mediocre" results due to my measurements/breast ptosis and he would only be able to get me to a D-cup. I opted, at this point, to proceed with a full surgical BR in order to successfully get me to a C-cup and know that I'll love my results. Go big or go home, Right?

My surgery is only a few days away on December 22nd. MERRY CHRISTMAS! My major concerns? General anesthesia freaks me out and I'm worried I'll have untolerable pain. Thankfully, I personally know 3 people who have had BRs and they've reassured me how well things went for them. I'll post some pics when I can. Any tips for recovery, etc. are appreciated!


Brand new here so you don't know me. But I hope things are going well with your redutcion and you post pics when you have the strength! I am envious of your new lighter load :) Best wishes for great new boobies!
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Hi AZ! Are you in the process of having a reduction?
I hope your recovery is going well. I had a breast reduction along with lipo and tummy tuck. I did not have much pain from the reduction at all! The lipo hurt the worst. My biggest stress was how bad the incisions looked, esp. with all the scabbing. It does get better looking every day. I kept steri strips on them because they help them flatten out.
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