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I am only 7 days after surgery and have not had my...

I am only 7 days after surgery and have not had my splints and bandages removed yet, so I can not answer on whether it has work yet. But so far seems wonderful! I had broken my nose when I was 5 years old and at 35 had a deviated septum and crocked nose.

The reason I wanted to write this review is because everywhere I have read it says that Rhinoplasty would not be covered by insurance. I got a preapproval and wanted to tell people that IT WAS COVERED!!!! As long as the precedure is medically neccesary some insurance companies will cover it!

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Hello, could you tell me which insurance would cover it and if its Ok if the fracture is pre-existing? ..in your case I am guessing yes, since you had the injury at age 5.
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Mine was, too. Mostly anyway. What a relief. We'd love to hear how you like it when the bandages come off.

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