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I have had it several times and like it as long as...

I have had it several times and like it as long as you continue to help yourself afterwards. It benefits people who aren't terribly overweight. I am 5'7" and weighed between 142-149 for over the last year. I used to range 127-132. I work alll the time and have four kids so it's very difficult to find much time not to mention I enjoy several glasses of wine an evening which has resulted in the weight gain. Am determined to use this as a jump start and get back closer to 130-135.


I had lipo and a T.T. 17 days ago. I have started wearing spanx type things now, just because it allows me to dress the way I want to and my stuff is holding together well on the inside. I don't like them mainly because most styles have an underwear that bunches and pinches around your pantyline and make going to the potty tedious and aggravating. Plus they come down to your knees and, thank you very much, my thighs don't need your help! But I just ordered one that I can't wait for from Kohl's, and it's more like a tube top for your midsection, that won't interfere with your underwear. It's flexees easy up firm control waist nipper.
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Hi there, thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. Which area(s) have you had Liposuction carried out on?

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This sight would be much more helpful if they told us where to purchase the medical compression garments. My doctor only offers tan with lace which is very noticeable under clothes so I have been diligently looking for a leotard one without the lace that doesn't look bad under my shirts. I would wear possibly every day to help me eat less and feel better if I could find what I'm looking for. I thought the doctor reviews would point me in that direction.

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