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Don't Do Pixel - Pickering, ON

Does not live up to the claims and now have...

Does not live up to the claims and now have enlarged pores which I never had before the procedure. Very disappointing 2011. I have mild Melasma, so I was told after my first fraxel, if I repeat the melasma may worsen the situation. I was told Pixel would give me the same results... more collagen, tight pores, glowing skin....

It was extremely painful and I now have orange peel skin.

Fraxel was great. I wish I had not done Pixel.


The same thing happened to me. I had 4 Pixel treatments, now, two months after the last treatment, I realize that I have little pixel holes that look like pores. They are little depressed scar holes all over my face.
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That makes me sad.... Drink lots of water it makes a difference.
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Same thing happened to me. I was told, I did improve and I couldn't see the great results because I always look at myself in the mirror, really? I look older with large pores, acne scars deeper and more noticeable, hypopigmentation and melasma is darker and more pronounced. I am more embarrassed now being seen without makeup! My boyfriend, friends and family said skin looked better before treatment.
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