Vi Peel - Skin Picking After the Peel

I got a vi peel 3 days ago and my skin starts to...

I got a vi peel 3 days ago and my skin starts to peel off, and the skin turned to brown too.. and it is really east for me to take the dead skin off. so without thinking, i took plenty of the dead skin off, but i the some of the new skin is pretty red and it hurts a lil..

i am wondering if the redness will be gone after the peeling process is over or it may takes longer for my skin to recover...
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Don't pick and DON'T remove with cuticle scissors people!! USE the moisturizer to hide the dead skin and to help it slough off... come on.
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Do not peel or pick the skin. I was told to simply take small cuticle scissors and cut the dead skin that was no longer attached to my face. Picking the skin before it detaches from your face can cause darkening. DO NOT DO IT! I used the peel for melasma which did lighten right afterward; however, resurfaced after about two weeks. The Vi peel does leave your skin with a youthful glow however.
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i know.. but the lady who gave me vi peel said its ok to pick it off its still possible to fade? and it will go back to normal right?
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I was specifically told NOT to peel the skin off. You risk infection and possible scarring. When the skin starts to flake or peel off it is red/pink underneath, but within a few days that will fade.
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