boobiesss finally - Thailand, TH

32 Days and countinggg till im off to get my...

32 Days and countinggg till im off to get my Boobies done I cant wait :)
I currently have 34 a and am looking at getting 32 c's or small d's.
Dose anyone have any tips for pre surgery needs I don't know what to pack as im getting them done in Phuket and will be there for 2 weeks so cant leave stuff behind lol and after care tips :) thanx guys
I will post photos tonight xxx
Dr Veerawat

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hi! am excited for your journey! may i know how many cc's are you planning to get to achieve your ideal 32c or d size?
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Im not sure yet I will have to speak to my surgeon but probly between 300- 390 cc :)
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Is it really worth the cost of travel?
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