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I Need a Dr Review Please -Phuket Thailand

I've waited 15 years for my breast augmentation...

I've waited 15 years for my breast augmentation and now its finally coming.
May 16th at PIAC in Phuket Thailand im having it done, the Doctor they have allocated me is Dr Thanakom who i can not find any patient reviews on.
This scares me i need reviews. Please anyone out there i need your feedback.
Thanx :-)

dr thanakom

my cosmetic tour provider was allocated him for me from PIAC

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Hi there,

We don't list doctors from Thailand on RealSelf as of now. I do hope you get some ladies who stop by with their feedback. Have you met with your doctor yet? If so, how did it go?

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I would google search this dr you don't want to commit to someone you know nothing about this is a serious surgery you will be sleep and will wake up with the final results you can't change after
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I 100% agree Thanks :-)
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5 months post op now Thailand was amazing everything was perfect the doctor,the hospital my recovery. I was a 12b a received 375cc and i am now a 12dd
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I have just been recommended Dr. Thanakom for my breast augmentation in December. How did you find him? Cheers :)
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