I Had Good Results from the Treatment

I had this treatment done to my face, arms, the...

I had this treatment done to my face, arms, the back of my hands, chest, and under-arms. My pre-treatment involved the application of lidocaine cream to all the areas being treated. When the laser was engaged, it felt like a bee sting.

My post-treatment discomfort was moderate and lasted for about 2 hours. All the areas treated lightly scabbed over and sloughed off after about 2 weeks. My results were excellent. All of the little strawberry bumps and small broken veins on my face are gone. The sun spots on my arms, chest, and the back of my hands are gone. So far, (6 weeks post treatment) I have not had any regrowth of the hair under my arms.

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Can you give me the name of doctor or spa ?
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What can be done for dry eyes resulting from Lasik apart from having 4 plugs in my eyes?
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What were your results? Looking for a good place to go in Ft. Worth/Dallas Texas.
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I had the photofacial procedure yesterday for $99.00 for my face, $40 for both hands and $20 for my neck and my freckles and "mild age spots" are now dark brown. Immediately after the procedure my face was red and still numb from the cream they used and last night was a little uncomfortable. I hope to see the dark spots vanish within the next 24/48 hours as promised....I'll write back and let you know the outcome. I hopeful but realistic that at 42 I'm not going to look 22 in one session. I'll let you know!
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