I have had one IPL photo facial done - Still Waiting for Results... - Jacksonville, FL

So far, I have had one IPL photo facial done -...

So far, I have had one IPL photo facial done - about 5 days ago. I am being treated for melasma / brown spots of uneven pigmentation and some sun spots.

The treatment stings alittle but is tolerable and you feel like you have a mild sunburn after. Immediately after one treatment, I noticed my spots becoming darker. And some of those spots are already flaking off after 5 days.

My concern is that only the darker areas of my face were treated first. I still have alot, alot of medium brown areas that she said she would get in the next treatments. I am just wondering how many treatments I will actually need. I was not told - just a wait and see thing...

I was hoping they could do ALL of my spots in one treatment and then come back for other treatments if they needed to fade more.

Has anyone else had this type of experience where they only treat certain spots first and then get the rest later on?


Hi! My doctor went over my whole face once and then went over the bad spots a few more times. I would tell your Dr that you want you whole face done since you are paying for the whole face!!
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i just got back from my first photo facial about 1 hour ago. i went on my honeymoon and got a great tan, but also got big brown spots. (i am 30) i had peeling done about 1 month ago and some fading occurred, but im hoping after this photo facial i will see better results. i will keep you updated. ohh, how bad is the brown scabs/peeling after photo? i am worried about that
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