Lifestyle Lift Done Sept 2010 - Phoenix, AZ

I had the Lifestyle Lift done in Phoenix September...

I had the Lifestyle Lift done in Phoenix September 2010. My wife is in health care admistration and checked out the doctors and the company. I was pleased with the presentation and preop. I had the basic lift and additional lipo suction and muscle tightened under my chin. The surgery lasted 90 minutes and was pain free. My recovery was not what I expected. I did not fully understand that I should not have moved around at all. I am sure that I did not pay full atttention to my after care instructions. I developed a hematoma in my left side and it scared me. I went back to the clinic every few days to have this looked at. Tha after care was so responsive and caring that it made the additional healing time worth while. I can not say enough about them.

As a male, yes I am a male, I should have been a better patient. My family history is of tripple chins and terrible sagging jowls. Before the surgery I started getting healthy and began to change my own lifestyle. In the past two years I lost fifty pounds but no one noticed until I had the lift. Now everyone notices that I have lost a lot of weight and I look fabulous. As a Transgendered woman most people think I am in my late forties eary fifties. Actually I am sixty five years old. My pictures are not photo shopped.

I would highly reccommend the Phoenix Lifestyle Lift to anyone as long as they fully understand the process and recovery.


Yes Sharon I am just right... other then another twenty pounds to loose next year. I am considering additional minor facial surgery aftr the first of the year. I want a slight brow lift and reduction of the bags under my eyes before they get bad. Thus another reason for joining your site. I will get several opinions, including Lifestyle Lift.
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Hi Maryanne -- Welcome to RealSelf and thanks for sharing your story! I'm glad you made it through your recovery process okay. Are you all right now?

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