Juvederm - Unbelievable Bruising

I actually didn't pay for the Juvederm injections...

I actually didn't pay for the Juvederm injections directly so I don't know their cost. My doctor gave them to me because I did not get the results he had described to me from Total FX skin resurfacing that he did, and he said fillers would work better around the mouth area.

I'm on day 4 and my face is black and blue from the nasal-labial folds down to my jaw line on each side of my face. I have never bruised like this. I do bruise easily but took all the precautions one can, like avoiding certain supplements and aspirin, plus using ice and arnica cream afterward, but it did no good. Also, my doctor is very experienced in these fillers so I'm not blaming it on his technique.

I am too bruised to decide if the fillers actually improved anything. This will certainly take weeks to go away -- I never expected anything this bad.

If you're fair skinned and bruise easily, don't expect to look presentable for quite awhile after getting this done.


i had mine done april 7th 2010. like you i brusied really bad and was wishining i hadnt done it, bruising almost gone, and im very pleased, makup will cover it. it was worth it to me, will go back for more
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You seem like on both therapies you DID NOT receive an informed consent. Bad for you and a bad doctor. Maybe you should stop going to that doctor. Reallistic expectations From MIAMI Dr. B
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Good advice, Dr B!
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My doctor told me any bruising would be obvious while he was doing the injections. He told me during the procedure that he thought I'd have a couple of small bruises -- he was way off in his estimate.

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