Halfway Done with Treatment! So Far So Go... Can't Wait to See the Final Results!

Although my teeth weren't too bad, a perfect...

Although my teeth weren't too bad, a perfect smile is something I always wanted. My dentist said I had "moderate crowding" and that my smile was literally "flat". My two front teeth always stuck out more, with a slight slant inward in the middle of them, and they slightly overlaped the two teeth next to them (right and left). My bottom teeth in the front were a little crowded, which made it difficult to keep them clean sometimes, and food would always get caught in between them, since they were so tight. I am now in week 26, aligner trays #13 of #24. I now see some major movement, and the spaces inbetween the once crowded areas that I have never seen before. I have had a few people who have told me that they notice straightening, especially with my bottom teeth. I went with invisalign because my dentist gave me a pretty good deal. I hope the final results are what I am expecting... I will upload pictures as I get closer to the end of treatment.

Will have updated photos soon.

Will have updated photos soon.

Hi Raul,

Just curious how you're doing now. According to my fuzzy math you should be almost done with your treatment?

Dr. Hawking in Tempe, AZ

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