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Total FX Results After Six Months

I had Total FX in June/09 over my entire face with...

I had Total FX in June/09 over my entire face with the deep treatment around the mouth area and a scar near my nose. I wanted it to eliminate some fine to medium lines around my lower lip, to tighten the slightly loose skin around my mouth, and to improve the surgical scar near my nose.

After waiting six month for the supposed post-procedure collagen production to occur, I have to say the results as far as tightening, scar improvement and wrinkle reduction are very disappointing and not at all what my doctor or the Lunenis literature described. None of the improvement I really wanted has occurred.

On the positive side, my skin looks smoother, and I think the very slight hyperpigmentation I had was eliminated, but those aren't the reasons I got the procedure.

If you want tightening, I'd say skip this. The healing was not easy, especially the first five days. I spent 3 weeks inside because I had to avoid all sun. I wouldn't do this again.


I agree 100%. For people who want basic improvement like skin tightening, they can spend $2,000 less and go for expensive over-the-counter products or get a series of microdermabrasion or something. The continual collagen boost for six months after treatment is a bunch of BS from Lumenis to help sell its products. My doctor in LA used all these fancy terms before my treatment, but not after treatment, however, when the desired results were NOT there. Total FX is a risk people. Be sure you have money and time to waste if you really want to risk it.
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It's been nearly a year now since Total FX. I've been very disappointed but guess what? Fine wrinkles on my cheek are gone, and yesterday I saw my sister and she could not get over my skin. She insists it's much better. I think it is. It's subtle, and deeper lines remain but they're not as deep or obvious. It seems that 11 months later, there is improvement.
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I agree. I had Total FX 8 months ago (May 26, 2010) and the brown spots and fine lines that I hoped would be eliminated, or, at least, attenuated, remain the same. I'm using Retin A and I think that's done more for my skin than the laser procedure.
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