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I haven't had my augmentation yet, it's...

I haven't had my augmentation yet, it's scheduled for June 2010. After the Doctor did all my measurements he suggested maybe a 375cc saline implant filled to 450cc. I then went on to try sizers with one of his assistants (she had 475cc & they looked good). She told me her size and said since I was taller I may want a larger size..(???) I tried on the 450cc and it was a nice size but thought maybe bigger would be nicer (it's hard to imagine what they will look like without clothes on). I then tried on the 450cc mod/plus. That was even better. She then showed me a chart that said for the diameter of my breast this size would fit best. For mod/plus it was 500cc that could be overfilled to 600! she thought 550 would look good and it did, but felt so big that I almost wasn't sure.

I need some advice. Currently I am a small B and want to be a Dcup. I am 5'4 130 (broad hips)...any advice will help! I dont want them to end up being super heavy or sag more than Id like! Thank you!


I am 5'6, 125 lbs. I went with silicone 260 above muscle. I am a 34 C to D in VS. I am very happy with mine. Its been 6 weeks and they are very soft and I get really good cleavage with a push up bra. You can check out my pictures and see. I was a 34 A before
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Just 24 hours post surgery, with 250cc saline submuscular. I am 5'4" tall and weigh 127 lbs. I strongly suggest you going over the reliable websites before you go too big-not only due to complications of heavier implants but if you want to avoid the "stripper boob" look. I hope that you had more than one opinion prior to commiting to your surgeon. Best of luck!
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Ok, I went to the Doctor again with my friend yesterday. I tried on the implants again. I love the 500cc mod plus saline! It looks a little big because it is over my tissue/muscle so I think it will look really good once it is in. I also have a few friends that I work with who got 500cc saline implant and has similar build also similar breasts to begin with and hers look awesome! Also anyone deciding on implant size, your height has alot to do with it too! I met a lady who was 5'10-5'11 and she had gotten 700cc saline implants! I was shocked, but her bra size will only be about a full D! Thank you everyone for the advice! I will keep posted on things when the surgery comes!! June 17!!
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I am finally almost 2weeks post op. I ended up...

I am finally almost 2weeks post op. I ended up going with a 550cc moderate plus profile saline implant! Im so glad I went the size I did...advice to everyone- go AT LEAST 50cc's more than the sizer you like!!! I hope to have pictures up soon!


I want pics!!!!!!!
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Just because others reccomend a Doctor doesn't always mean you should go to him. Make sure you like all of his/her work!! Do your research and know what you are doing inside and out! Most of all make sure the Doctor makes you feel at ease with the decision that you are making!

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