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Good Experience - Phoenix, AZ

My mother who is in her seventies had the UL...

My mother who is in her seventies had the UL therapy treatment a year ago and had great results. She said she endured a lot of pain and had to have the lidocane due to extreme pain along with Vicodin and Percocet.

I received my UL therapy treatment Friday 5/18/2012. As far as pain, I took one Vicodin 1 hour prior to the treatment. The only area that was mildly painful was the brow area. The overall treatment was not very painful. Since it has only been one day I have yet to see any results. I am hoping for the great results that my mother received.

That is great you were able to see someone's actual results before deciding to go through with it. I'm sure that made the decision somewhat easier.

How is your skin looking & feeling right now? Is it red, or swollen at all?

I have no redness, I am not swollen. Still tender in the jawline and have had shooting pains in the back of the head.
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