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I have aggressive foreign body reactions to the...

I have aggressive foreign body reactions to the permanent sutures and have had to undergo 6 attempts to remove suture material that make it way to my skin in the form of an absess or blister. I am tired and this comes with surgeon who has been patient and tried to make it better. Now, I am looking at a complete re-do and removing ALL sutures and trying to stop the reactions. Oh and another costly surgery and time away from work and family to recuperate (hopefully). This outcome was NEVER mentioned to me an I want at least the other 5% of people who suffer this way to know that there is the possibility to make it worse when all you really want is to make it better.

LOVE yourself.You earned those stripes, scars and cuts along the way.
God made you just the way you are,
and you aren't perfect. Only HE is perfect.

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I am sorry to hear that and can they use something else to close you up.
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I am so sorry that you're going through this. It's been a while since you'v are you feeling? Prayers are going up for you.
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I'm so sorry to hear that. I pray that everything goes well for you from this point forward. How will one know if they are prone to such a reaction?
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Thank you for the encouragement and prayer. The doctor is convinced that I need all suture material out and no other in its place. After hours of discussion, I am still not @ peace but don't know that I will be at peace because of all I have gone through. The solution is to not only remove all sutures, but go through all the scar tissue throughout the entire abdominal wall that was plicated and "cut" through it to make sure he has all foriegn bodies removed. He feeld the best option for me for healing is NO more replacement of sutures as my body doesn't seem to like sutures and these episodes need to stop.
I am sad that the scarring will be cut away too that helped to keep the tummy tight, but pray that this will end the painful nodules, scarring, neuromas, and foriegn body reaction that I appear to be having. But the tummy is so tight from these nodules that having the opportunity to be able to do YOGA, ab work etc to strengthen the abs sounds awesome.
Surgery is on the calender for July 18 barring any more complications from the wound and it continues to heal as it is right now.
Thanks for the encouragement. It really helps.
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I am sorry for what you have been through:(   I hope you are able to resolve all of this and feel better very soon.

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Im so sorry for what you're going through! I hope your recovery goes well.
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Wow, that sounds horrible! I hope you get it all figured out and heal fast. Prayers are coming your way! :)
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