17 Years Old Bellybutton Piercing Gone Wrong - Phoenix, AZ

When I was 14 I pierced my bellybutton with out...

When I was 14 I pierced my bellybutton with out permission, with a sewing needle. I soaked it regularly put A&D ointment On it ect. Whenever my mother called me into the room id take it out and put it back In when I returned. One day I lost the original piercing and put In a decorative one (one you are suppose to put In after the hole heals) it dangled. So after awhile I realized my bellybutton had started to sag it wasnt severe at the time so I ignored it. After I took it out for good, due to it not healIng completely, the sagging was still there. 3 years later it still hangs its hard and uncomfortable. Its also very annoying to shave around it????. I started researching surgery costs but since it seemed like this doesnt happen often I found nothing. I asked my grandmother about insurance and she said they most likely wouldnt help pay for it because of the fact it was self inflicted. Is this true? I decided to get it removed surgically In a few months when I hit 18. How much will it cost approx. To get it removed? And can they completely numb the area? Or put me to sleep?


The average cost for this procedure is around $2000.  Give or take based on your location and the procedure itself.  

I found some great information for you in our doctors Q&A's.  Click here and this will take you to all of the Belly Button Surgery questions.  
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