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Like a lot of you ladies on Real Self, I have been...

Like a lot of you ladies on Real Self, I have been obsessing over changing my nose most of my life. I have hated it ever since middle school. It looks like a small lump when you look at my profile, I do not like it at all. Over the last year or so, the obsession has become so strong to change my nose that I am now looking into consults with surgeons and I'm pretty much ready to proceed with surgery. I want a more feminine refined profile. I just want the nasal bridge refined, and nothing done to the top of my nose. I think my profile makes me look hard and mean in some ways, which I am not at all. Frontal view I'm very much okay with. What do ya'll think?

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Here's a list of questions to ask at consultations. Finding the right doctor is the most important decision you can make in this process.
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