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Been lurking in here for a while, finally I made...

Been lurking in here for a while, finally I made the decision that this is what I want to do. This site has helped me so much and I can see all the happy faces and pretty noses after surgery. In my case since i was little i hated my nose and always was conscious about it. I can never take pictures of my right side because my bump looks bigger and my nose is a little crooked. Hopefully this can give me more confidence.


Hi, I found this post after reading one of my comments from a surgeon. Just joined yesterday and I can't figure out how to write back to the surgeon...? You are very pretty. I see what you mean about the little bump. When you tell your friends and family what do they think?
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It sounds like you've given this a lot of thought! Have you scheduled any consultations yet? Make sure you go with a board certified plastic surgeon who has done a lot of noses.

Here's a list of questions to ask prospective surgeons

And here's what some doctors say about finding the right surgeon for your nose

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Scheduled appointment with Dr.Shapiro August 22, yikes! :D


Did you have surgery?
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