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I have used Latisse for apx 25 applications, but...

I have used Latisse for apx 25 applications, but cannot use it daily as my eye lids are puffy/irritated the next day and eyes themselves are irritated, BUT my eyelashes are growing! I put as little as possible using a fine brush as suggested. I am very careful and have a good steady hand. I have tried using it in the morning (per suggestion from my Dr office) on days I will be home all day (working from home). Still get the irritation/puffimess of lids and irritation to eyes. I love the results, but the side effects are not good. Yesterday, I tried leaving it on for only 2 1/2 hours, much less puffyness and irritation today. I have to always skip a day or two b/c of the side effects. My question is: How long does the solution have to be on the eyelids to soak in and get the desired effects? Wondering if I could put it on for several hours, get the desired results (or at least SOME results like I have now), wash it off and cut down on the side effects, yet still get some results??? Does anyone know the answer???


it is not bimatoprost causing irritation and puffiness. it is benzalkonium chloride. benzalkonium chloride is antiseptic used in toiletries or desinfecting wipes. small amount of it is inside your latisse solution. to desinfect it. some people are more sensitive to it than others.
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Thank you Megan. I had read most of the information on your forum before I started Latisse (love this site) and use a very small brush so that I can use the solution sparingly. I have to skip 1-2 days b/c of the irritaion. I do not let in get into my eyes when I apply. Am now trying using it during the day in case some solution creeped in my eye while sleeping (a side and stomach sleeper w/ face to the side on pillow), but still hoping someone can answer how long must you leave the Latisse on for it to soak in and be effective. I read that 20 minutes is too short, but would 2-3 hours be long enough? Anyone know?? Thanks in advance and I will post an update down the road.....I'm hoping to find out a time length the solution must be left on to be effective....and hoping I can tolerate it! :-)
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That is a great question, and it seems you are not the first to have that same problem.

Here is a Q&A that addresses it:

What Can I Do About Latisse Causing Eye Irritation?

Let us know if continue using Latisse, or if you decide the side effects  arejust too much to deal with.

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I have found a solution to the 'puffyness' of my...

I have found a solution to the 'puffyness' of my eyelids. I still use the Latisse as previously stated. I now take ice packs to my eyes at night for about 10 minutes (I use the Latisse during the day). I still can have a bit of irritation, but this has definitely helped with the puffyness.


I am researching Latisse stuff as I am thinking which eyeserum to buy. would you recommend it to me if I were your friend? or will you tell me to keep looking for more natural solution? and Ive heard that if you use it during day and apply vaseline at night it is better? I read it on another forum and dont know if its true
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I am a very detailed person and did a lot of research, too. I also know I am much more sensitive than most people to products. I definitely would recommend Latisse, but I would also tell my friend about my personal experience (knowing I am always in that small group of people that has reactions in general), all the 'tips' I have learned, etc. My sister uses Latisse and has no problems and her eyelashes have grown and look terrific. I'm still on my first bottle (started Aug 10, today is Dec 13th), although I took 2 weeks off when out of town.I use it sparingly as described earlier with a tiny brush. I also do my eyebrows, which have grown, too. I sometimes put a slight amount of Aquaphor (similar to Vaseline) on my eyelids at night. I've done that for years b/c I live in a very dry, dry, dry part of the USA. I did buy another 5 oz bottle, which will last me a very long time b/c of the way I use it. I figure if it is too bothersome for my eyes, I will try something else, but continue to use on my eyebrows. The general feedback from different people I know or reading, Latisse does have the best results. Best of luck!
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