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This is day 2 of wearing the trays. My mouth is...

This is day 2 of wearing the trays. My mouth is miserable and teeth are so tender. I'm having a hard time eating, even if I wanted to take the trays out I couldn't because of the "buttons". I think the Dentist puts so many on your teeth so you don't want to take the trays out. The trays are rubbing sore all over my mouth, read to file down but that didn't really help. Any other suggestions? I know this will be worth it in the end.

Talking funny

Is it just me or does everyone feel like they talk funny?? Trying to get comfortable talking with the trays in, but I feel like everyone person I come in contact with is looking at my teeth. A lot of new things I need to adjust to.

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I feel like I talk funny. It was my first day at work with them in andI just don't know if I can do Iit. They are a lot more vivisible than I thought. It fefeels like everyone is looking at my teeth :(
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Yes that's how I feel!!
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Had a slightly better day today. Smiled a bit more. Just feels so big in my mouth. I have wanted straight teeth for so long. Just got to be strong I guess.
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I don't think the paranoia of everyone looking at you goes away. While I am less conscious of it, I feel like some days they are much more noticeable than others. And then I start slurring words and make it worse haha. But no one has said anything yet so I guess it doesn't have them wondering too much, or maybe they haven't caught on yet...?
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Invested in ortho wax. What a relief!!! Wish the Dentist would of told me about this. I feel like I'm talking funny and I have to do a lot of talking at my job. Hopefully it's just me..
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Stick with them! It will be worth it. I'm really happy I did it.
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Ortho wax works wonder. I have the same problem of new trays rubbing against my tongue or inner cheeks. I also file down mine too. As for the buttons, the first few days you will be sore, of course but the soreness and tenderness will go away. I have 10 buttons on the lower and 6 on top, with rubber bands on each side. It took awhile for me to get use to it but was in so much pain. Sooner or later, you will figure out whats a best way to take out the tray's. I cracked two of my tray's until i finally figured out a good way to take them out. I am currently on tray 5, switching out every 2 wks. Tomorrow night i will be switching to tray 6, and i know i will be in pain. Hang in there and good luck!
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Smooth out the edges of the trays, for some reason some tray are smooth down better then others at times... I am on 5/19 trays.I was miserable aswell and got used to them. The buttons are so your teeth can move with the trays. Hang in there!!
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You're mouth gets used to it. I know my first 5 or so days it seemed like my lips and gums were being rubbed a lot by my trays. But then I eventually got used to it and didn't notice it. I think because they were something new in my mouth I was subconsciously rubbing my lips over them and making it worse.Many use ortho wax if the trays seem too uncomfortable. I have a lot of attachments too and the trays were a pain to take off. First couple days took me about 10 min to pry them off! But I eventually developed a technique and after a week or so they came off easier and easier. Even when I switched to my next set they were no longer difficult to put on and take off. They do sell "outies" on amazon to help take these off but I don't know how well they really work.
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