15d so far ...

I got my script and started product 7/9, small...

I got my script and started product 7/9, small dropper 3ml & I purchased my own small brush. I was told it will be about 4-6 weeks to start noticing results which is perfectly fine with me . My lashes are a little full/long but I would love them very very long. I'm excited to see what my results will be. I will be using latisse on my brows &eyelashes.. results to come :)



Somr before pictures


Right eyelash

before picture

Fore pictures

Thanks for starting a review, Dimondz. I look forward to following your progress. :)



Its been 1wk&1day... not really a difference :)
Thanks a lot . I'm happy to share my journey with all my great positive changes I'm doing :)

left eyelash

Left eyelash with clinique mascara.. a little difference :)

17th day

I see a slight difference .. brows are filling in & so are my lashes, & lashes are a tad bit longer ..I apply liquid every day after I take a shower , with my own little brush

updated pic

Updated picture


Updated pictures. . & I see a slight difference. I wilk continue using latisse. But I need to purchase a new 3ml bottle because Im running out already .

Diamondz. u r beautiful and think ur eyelashes look awesome w/o latisse. but thank u 4 showing us the results. I began latisse yesterday and am excited to see what happens.

Try using a smaller brush. The one they give you soaks up way to much liquid
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