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I went to a cosmetic tattoo artist who has been...

I went to a cosmetic tattoo artist who has been doing this work for ten years. She was very forthright with me. I had quite a bit of pain when she was scoring the eyebrows for the line, but then when she filled them in I felt nothing because she topically numbed me. I don't numb well, and I don't think I will be able to have my lips done. However, I'd like to have the eyeliner. The eyebrows took two hours, and I have had no pain or swelling. She said they would fade in a week, so for the woman who hates her brows, I'd say wait. They will lighten.


Dear _____, You must have written your comment immediately (within 7 days) after having your brows done because you said 'the woman said the brows will lighten.' Ie., you didn't tell us whether your brows DID lighten or not. You only said that she SAID the brows would lighten. In other words, you didn't know one way or the other whether your brows would lighten or not. I can tell you from that they DON'T always lighten, so your advice to the posted statement was unwise. The other thing is that you're blonde, or grey. Light. Tattoo pigments for light-haired people is different from pigments for dark-haired people--they even use different laser machines to laser off light vs. dark tattoos. So your advice to the writer was not good advice. But LOL, I hope all went well for you and that you're happy with your eyebrows.
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I had the eyebrows done, too. Mine lighten over time.
I Think AZ has a large # of great PMU......they all have been doing it for a while. happy to hear good results r achieved:)
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