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I have always had a double chin even when i was...

i have always had a double chin even when i was smaller. i believe it genetics. it came out good. its been 5 weeks. i still have some numbness under the chin . everyone compliments me on it how well it looks. im happy. anyone looking for excellent surgeon whos caring, takes all the time with you that need. please go see dr repta

6 weeks today.

I think you can tell my progress on my neck
It looks great but just wondering about the cost. Was that $2000 for everything including use of hospital and anethesia?
Yes. I had it sinw with my tt. I could have gotten done in office under local for the same price

update on the chin

i think it looks ok. you can tell the difference thats for sure. the scar under my chin to totally invisible now. glad i did this. here are 6 months later pictures
Congrats you look great and can definitely tell the difference.
My ps said to wear it 2 weeks. Then next 2 weeks I wore when I went to sleep. My ps said it will only help not hurt so wear yours longer
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dr repta is excellent surgeon. i found him on real self. i choose him for excellent reputation and the location of his office. he is centrally located in phoenix in steady of the long drive to scottsdale, az. dr repta is caring, patience, always sends pleasant and on time with appointment times.

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