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Had malar large cheek implants Dec 2010; at first...

Had malar large cheek implants Dec 2010; at first my face was extremely swollen, bruised (I had a bad reaction to anestheia which caused bruising and hospitalization), and no ability to laugh or smile whatsoever...Didnt look normal until almost 3 weeks later, when able to return to work, I told everyone I had dental surgery.

Finally about 4 weeks later, when the swelling was finally going down I developed an agressive staph infection in the right side. Once again, one side of my face swelled up to the size of a watermellon within 2 hours. I went immediately in to my surgeon, who started me on Cipro, then scheduled emergency surgery the next morning.

As soon as the implants were removed, my face improved. That night I could once again smile, and I looked normal. Unfortunately, the infection had left some scar tissue in my right cheek, which 8 months later, when I had Radiesse injected, took 3x as long to inject. I loved the effect 4 weeks after the surgery, but the pain, complications and infection have scared me away from further plastic surgery..

So you had Radiesse in your upper cheeks(near cheekbones) and are happy with the results? How much did you need? I am considering this but haven't talked to many people that have done this. I know too little about cheek implants but don't mind fillers...
Thanks for sharing your experience.
Sorry to learn that it didn't go the way it had to.
What did the doctor tell you ?
Of course an infection can always occur, but do you think that it was just bad luck or that your surgeon didn't do it exactly as it had to be done ?
You had your malar implants put through a cut inside the mouth, hadn't you ?
Take care.
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