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I did it to avoid looking depressed, serious and...

I did it to avoid looking depressed, serious and like some of my relatives who at 80 have deep dark circles under their eyes. It is worth getting rid of a inherited feature I have had all my life and to not have it anymore in addition to smoother even-toned skin(CO2 laser) and a slightly lifted brow that makes me look refreshed. Love it!

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Dr. Repta was exceptional from the consultation to surgery and then follow-up. He listens to your cosmetic goals and makes suggestions (never trying to upsale the procedure-unless it was abosulutely necessary). As a reconstructive doctor who does cosmetic surgery, I can say that it reflects in my results. I did fat grafting under my eyes and a mini-brow lift. It looks natural and the fat grafting under my eyes eliminated the dark sallow (raccoon eyes) that I hated. I also did the CO2 laser and, again, am very satisfied with my results. I rec'd talented surgery and great customer service from both Dr. Repta and his admin and nursing staff. I am/would refer family and friends to him!

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Hello, you mentioned that you had a treatment about the dark circles, could you please tell us more about it? I don't see any other similar cases experienced with this doctor. Could you tell us more details and even better show photos? Is its permanent/ long lasting to put it better? Please update! Thanx in advance !
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So glad to hear that you had great results!  What was your recovery like?


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Hi BA -- Welcome to RealSelf! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. We'd love to see photos too, if you don't mind posting them.

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