Beyond Excited, Can't Wait for my New Twins (My Picture Diary/ Review)

I've always been very small, but I adore the...

I've always been very small, but I adore the look of full womanly breasts. I've fantazised about getting a BA for the longest time. And now my dream is going to come true. About me: In my early twenties, no childern. I have a loving supportive fiance. I'm now in a financial situation where I can afford the BA and any complications that may come with it.

I've had a few consultations but ultimately choose a PS that has a good reputation and who I feel comfortable with as well as with the staff. Surprizingly Im not scared for the actual operation at all. Im nervous about the recovery and the noticibility of the scars. I have my pre-op appointment on the 1st of March. Will post pictures soon and post any updates. :)

Welcome to RealSelf and thank you for starting your story! Have you chosen your implants and size yet?


I had my preop four days ago. Tried on a few...

I had my preop four days ago. Tried on a few sizers. My doctor suggested 350-375 mod silicone, but I wasn't too thrilled. I wanted bigger. He then gave me 400cc hp mentors too try on and I was in love lol. I know they will look smaller once inside but thats ok. I think the size will be perfect, wish me luck :)

I filled my prescriptions today, and tomorrow I will be picking up some button up PJs. Im so excited my surgery is in two days! Please pray for goes me that all goes well :)
Good luck! Stay positive and picture how you will look when it is all said and done! You will look great! My surgery is next Monday the 12th and im sure I will be trying to convince myself of the same thing! lol Keep us posted!
thank you sweetheart.! good luck to you. I cant wait to read about your results. Everything will turn out amazing
Thank you so much! :)

Tomorrow is the big day. Had a call from the...

Tomorrow is the big day. Had a call from the surgery center this morning advising me what I should and shouldnt do before surgery and to confirm my arrival time. I just finished my dinner now going to go shower and watch a movie with my babe then gonna TRY to sleep -__- too excited lets see how that goes.
Good luck tomorrow!
Thx Natalie!
I agree with you- I am not nervous about the surgery just the recovery. Sleeping makes me the most nervous, followed by driving. I saw that you commented on Makenzie's - she suggested to do satin or silk pi's. :) Good luck!!

Today was my BA! I waited like 3 hours at the...

Today was my BA! I waited like 3 hours at the surgery center before I actually had my surgery. The worst part was the wait. I barely slept last night so I was drifting asleep in the waiting room, and I started to get nervous. I wondered about how much pain I would be in or If I was gonna be bedridden right after. My worrying was pretty pointless to say the least. I hardly remember much after the anesthiesioligist (spelling? lol) put the anesthisia (again spelling is wrong I know) in my IV. From there it felt like I woke up in a blink of an eye. My last memories of getting the med. and moving in the the surgery room felt like I had dreamt it. I was a little nauseous when i woke up but I think the nurse gave me something for it but i cant remerommber lol.
When I got home my mom made me some soup and I iced my breasts. I felt normal, I was only a litlle groggy from being sedated. After an hour or two the grogginess wore off so I took a nap.
I absolutely feel no pain only pressure on my chest, thats it :D Amazing right?
My breasts are extremely hard but I love them already :p Might post a picture in a few days when I remove the bra and gause to shower!

Right now I definetly say it was worth it. If I have no complications it will definetly remain the same.

Also I wanted to thank all the beautiful and...

Also I wanted to thank all the beautiful and wonderful ladies that share their experiences on here with all of us. I really enjoying reading everyones reviews and comments they are so inspiring and you ladies are all so sweet!

I forgot to mention my doctor used the keller...

I forgot to mention my doctor used the keller funner since I went with silicone so supposebly the incision would be smaller. anxious to see it...
First day out and already looking good! :) Congrats! Hope your recovery goes well! Hang in there!
awe thank you :)
So happy to hear that you had an easy surgery! Your post came at the perfect time, I am currently on my way to my pre-op appointment which is tomorrow and it is all starting to feel sooo real. I feel my stomach in knots. So hearing someone that just came out of surgery is very reassuring. One of the many reasons I love this website! Can't wait to hear more of your recovery journey and see some pictures. Wish you the best!!!! Keep us posted.

Post Op day2 Im starting to think my surgeon has...

Post Op day2
Im starting to think my surgeon has magical hands. lol no seriously its day two and ive had no real pain what so ever. He had warned me I would probably be in pain for the first few days since I choose a fairly big implant for the very LITTLE LITTLE breast tissue I started with. But NOPE. No pain, just pressure on my chest, not like unbearable though. Have been sleeping and eating like crazy. Got nauseous once when I was walking around, sat down ate some saltines and felt much better :) Haven't thrown up at all.
Thank you for posting! My pre-op is Monday and right now I am crazy nervous about recovery, so this helps a ton!
no problem girl! everything will be good, do you have any sizes or implant types in mind? You should start a review so we can follow your progress :)
You look amazing! Can you tell us the name of your doctor I love the idea of the keller funnel did he give you more insight on this?

Its been three days since my BA, so far so good....

Its been three days since my BA, so far so good. No pain really just a little constipated but thats normal. Ive been sleeping so much. Ive noticed at moments the tightness in my chest gets to me and I get frustrated and wish that time would fly already and my babies would drop. Im trying to be patient but its just hard. Well I posted new pictures just so I kind of keep track of how they drop.

Okay i think i am going to go 425 since i am torn between 400-450 lol. thanks so much this has been helpful. and i will take the fact that i am an A, and had a child. Will be posting my before pic by thursday so you can see the begining :( and end ;)
i will definetly stay posted then :)
You look really good!! Did you have to lower your crease? What insicion did you get?

Im nine days post op. Im doing everything I did...

Im nine days post op. Im doing everything I did before BA without a problem with the exception of sleeping. Ive been dying to sleep on my side. I have been able to do it for a little but it gets to uncomfortable. Well I put up new pics. The white bra I have on is really great its from macys.

I feel like they have gotten a TINY bit softer maybe a little lower but im not sure. It could be my mind playing tricks on me. hehe.
Hello I was just wondering what your height and weight is? Im getting my BA may 10 and am still deciding weather I want 350 cc or 400cc? Im 129lbs and 5'6 all suggestions are welcome thanks :)
I'm 5'5'' and 110-115lbs. I usually stay at 110 though. I would definetly say you can pull off a 400cc but of course its good to try on sizers to see if you like them on your body. I had 400cc mentor hp silicone because of my smaller frame. Talk to your doctor and see what he thinks might fit you better. You might have a body that a mod profile implant would fit better or maybe like me a high profile would be better for you. I suggest do research on implants and have and idea on what you want THEN talk to your doctor. Also remember smaller implants age better, especially if you have very little to start with like me. Also if you are small to begin with I highly highly suggest sticking to silicone.
Ya he said 2 times a day but I find myself doing it like four cause I want them to drop so fast lol

Post op 11 days. Just logged on to say that the...

Post op 11 days. Just logged on to say that the last two days ive noticed my breasts are noticably (spelling?) softer. The surgical adhesive that was used by the doctor has started to peel off and come off a little. (getting really excited). :)
You Look amazing!!! You must be so happy! My surgery is April 3rd. Im 5"2 120 and am so torn with going to 400cc's. I was thinking 375 but after seeing so many people with 400 they dont seem that big to me.
Oh, Im a 34 A/B with very little breast tissue. I'm also getting an almost scarless lift.
The difference between 375cc and 400cc is very small. If you like the look of 375cc go with the 400cc because the implant will look smaller once inside of you. Also alot of ladies wish they would have gone bigger so I would stick to 400cc :) but of course make your surgeon agrees thats a good choice for you. Im extremely excited for you its a decision that will truly change your life

Im officially two-weeks post op. Its amazing how...

Im officially two-weeks post op. Its amazing how each day they seem to be softer. They also seem to look a bit smaller because of the swelling going away. The difference however is not enough to make me wish I had gone bigger tho. So at this point I will not be joining the "I wish I had gone bigger" club. Not yet anyways we will see. At this moment I'm very content with the size not to big not to small :) Anyways I wanna post a new pic but my boyfriend is right next to me he might find it a little weird if i take my shirt of for the webcam lol. But definetly will post a few new pics within the next few days.

ALSO, is it just me or does it seem like a lot of ladies are getting thier BA done on 3/22? Well in that case the best if luck to all you ladies with upcoming BAs. :)
I was just wondering which Dr. you chose. I also live in Phoenix and was looking for recommendations.
I choose Dr. Sean lille. He is very very good. He is in the scottsdale area.
I second that!

So today I went shopping ahhh I fell in love with...

So today I went shopping ahhh I fell in love with the shirts I can finally fill out. I bought a lace strapless bandeou with cops because the wireless bras Ive bought are a little thin and my nipples show through sometimes. I posted a pic of a supercute corset top I bought at nordstroms. Before I would have never been able to fill it out even with a bra. Now I can ! Im so happy :D
Hey Leti the new pic is cute! Glad ur feeling better and out and about shopping!
thanks girl! How r u feeling?
Hey Leti! Been busy at work but almost back to 100%. Can't lift much more than 10 ish pounds but everyone has been really nice to help me. Hoping it's not just cause I'm the boss lol. I am Having the same issue on the right. I am still massaging though hoping it gets lower and lower. Are you still icing? I'm not very much. Hoping maybe someone has some insight on when we can expect them to drop completely. I have heard 3-4 months but no one on here has mentioned it. Hope you had a great first day back to work!

Post of day 19. The twins are progressively...

post of day 19.
The twins are progressively getting softer, also the insision adhesive has completly come off now. Im left with a scar thats a little over an inch long which im very content with. I definetly recommend using the kenner funnel for anyone getting silicone implants. :) In the shower a few days ago I discovered I can move the implant up and down when masaging. I took a pic of me squeezing the implant up but it looked too weird lol so I didnt post it. So far I havent had any complications and remain to be happy with the size. The right seems to be a tiny bit higher but i expected it since it was a little higher in the beginning, also im guessing its because im Right handed and that muscle was more pronounced but IDK xD.

I will continue to post pictures of my progress for the few ladies that asked me too :)
OH yes and tomorrow is my 1st day back to work, very exciting!
Thanks girls!! I'll let you know how it goes : )
Did you have to book your surgery pretty far out? I think I'm going to go with the same Dr.after hearing what you and commando have to say about him. I just really want to do it soon(like next month), but I'm not sure how realistic that is. I'm going to try and call tomorrow to schedule a consultation Asap. I just wanted to see what your experience was with it.
My consult and surgery happened within 3 weeks. Im pretty sure they can work something out like they did for me.

Post op day 25- Work has been normal I worked 6...

Post op day 25-
Work has been normal I worked 6 days straight without the need of any pain medication only once at night when my feet were killing me. I must say my recovery was definetly really east. Its amazing how much the girls are dropping and softening up more and more every week. Dont get me wrong they are still high and hard not feeling very natural whatsoever. Well the top is still hard but on the bottom pole and around the nipple they are surprizingly soft. Also they dont look as shiny anymore :p

Size-wise: The definetly look smaller in the pictures due to them dropping. However, in person I dont really notice the difference since I can FEEL the volume still there. Im loving them more and more everyday.

Question for ladies who are longer post op than me:
My breasts sometimes feel warm to the touch, not HOT and I dont have a fever, but is that normal?
Your recovery/healing process sounds like it was a piece of cake! I'm having my BA on Wednesday and hope that my recovery goes smoothly too! I also hope my results are as great as yours. You look great!
I hope so too! Cant wait to see how it goes :)
You look fantastic!! They fit your body perfect!!

About to go hop in the pool! Covered my incisions...

About to go hop in the pool! Covered my incisions with waterproof nude tape just to be extra safe! Im curious to see how swimming feels like. Well posted a pic of me in my swimsuit top :)
I havent been on here in forever! Youre looking great :) Love the swim suit top :)
thanks girl! I do too but it pushes the girls up a bit much so might buy a bigger size. got it at target :p
You are sooo right! Especially about the bra companies. I tried on a few just for fun and I was a C, D and DD!

Im almost 3 months post-op and so far I cant say I...

Im almost 3 months post-op and so far I cant say I have any complaints. My left breast has settled and dropped but my right is still a bit high. I expected this however since my right was sitting higher than my left to begin with and my ps told me it would take the right longer to drop. I am so in love however. I can wear any shirt that I please and I feel more confident. :)

I posted two new pictures, you will see the side of my left which I recently got a few stretch marks. For the first 2 months post op I had nothing but moving in to the 3rd I noticed them appear. Too be honest with you I really dont care so many great creams and oils exist for stretch marks and I expected it from going to nothing to a 34 D. Yes I said it. 34 D! hehehe or a 36C it depends on the bra ;)

I hope all you ladies are healing well. If you have and recommendations on what to use on my scars and stretchmarks let me know.!
I'm going to Dr. Lille too!! Your results are phenomenal!!!!!! I love them!!!! I hope mine turn out that great. I'm also using the Keller funnel too! My surgery is in 1 week. Almost a year exactly after yours plus a few days! Very excited. Your updates just made me so happy I chose Dr. Lille!! Super excited!! :)
Thank you so much or your kind comments! I updated it since its almost been a year.! The best of luck :)
What a great change your body has made in the past three months! So happy for u!

WOW almost a whole year! Its amazing how much my...

WOW almost a whole year! Its amazing how much my breast have changed and dropped. They finally have settled, squishy, and jiggle a little haha. I had no complications thus far my only complaint is that my scars are still on the purply side. So if any one has any suggestions for that it is greatly appreciated :) After buying approximately 5000 bras and spending TOO much money I think I finally figured out my bra size 34 dd ( none of those vs girls were very helpful with the measuring). I am so so so so so so so so so happy with my decision and my results. I love how clothing fits now! I can wear whatever I want and its such an amazing feeling especially after being so self concious before.
Leti u look great! Glad all is well!
Wow! Wow! Wow! That's my reaction everytime I click on your pic. Lol. Make me wanna have it soon. Anyway, what's your measurement? I'm 5'1 and 99 lbs. And what's your size before? I'm 32 A. And what's kenner funnel? Sorry to many question :s congrats for you :) :)
Hello Barbie! I believe I was a 32 a but I was literally flat I had barely any tissue to start with now I am a 34 DD. I am 5'5" and currently 100 lb at the time of my surgery however I was 110. The kenner funnel is... (copied and pasted this) "This method uses a sterile funnel to easily squeeze the implant into the breast pocket. This technique reduces the pressure placed on the underlying tissue and reduces the risk of contamination". Also this is a helpful article Basically it helps reduce the risk of contamination, and if I remember correctly I believe it helps with incision sizes.
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