20 Year Old Cam Girl Needs Boobs Lol I Have One Child - Phoenix, AZ

I always want bigger boobs ever since after my...

I always want bigger boobs ever since after my first daughter and she is now 4. I'm not sure if I want more lol, I used to be a C36 cup before I had my first child. I am a b34 cup now, but i have been wearing C34 bomb shell bras. I am a cam model and have been thinking getting my natural great looking boobs to feel better about myself when I am on cam. Love to look good... This is my very first review so... just be patient with me I have schedule to see multiple surgeons around September... so far I have seen dr. Thomas Kotoske and showed some great tits that I have found on the internet. He says he will be glad to give me my wish boobies and that I need silicone because I Don't have enough volume for Saline and they will ripple. I will post my own boobie pics once I decide yo know which surgeon I like best. I have my money ready to go anytime. So.... all I got to do is schedule my appt which its in the middle of Sept. Will keep posting


Consult at least 3-4 PS and compare. Also conclude all their advices to confirm which one is the majority answer to your wish. Read reviews about the PS. Good luck to you!
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Good luck
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Haven't done my procedure yet... just went the consultation

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