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36 Year Old Male Starting Invisalign Overbite and Overjet - Phoenix, AZ

So I've been wanting invisalign for the longest...

So I've been wanting invisalign for the longest time but just never got around to it I don't have the nicest smile if you know how a overbite and overjet look like it's been a self confidence downer almost my whole adult life I don't like to smile in pictures and honestly I think it was a deal breaker on dates I went on but I'm done dealing with it. I saw this Groupon deal for $2700 I read the reviews on the ortho and it received a 4.5 stars out of 5 so I decided to go for a consultation and it went great so after thinking about it I decided to go for it and my insurance pays for $1500 and I only had to pay for $1300 so I think that is a great deal for a full set of invisalign. So today I got the Molds done for the trays I just have to wait 6 weeks for them to come in I will keep you guys updated when I start the trays. I'm super excited to start!! More photos to follow once I get them from ortho
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That is an incredible price.  Do you know what-all is included?  Are refinements included?  And retainers post-treatment?  And post-treatment checkups?  Cause that is really cheap.  Even if you had to pay for those things separately it'd still be a good price, probably :).

Welcome to the community, by the way :D.  Congratulations on getting to do this for yourself.  I see your spacing issues and your overjet looks mainly caused by that one tooth leaning out, is that about right?  That's the easiest overjet to fix, I think, if memory serves, so that's great!  How many aligner sets will you be going through, approximately?

Once you get your first set, we'll set your treatment date to that day, so make sure to come back and update us when that happens!  I look forward to following your progress :).
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Thank you for the Welcoming im happy to show my treatment with the forum. As far as I know it's for a complete set and everything is included I was searching groupon and found this special for $2700 and I recently got a consultation from a diff ortho and they quoted $4500. So I'm glad I went with the better deal. But I'm gonna have to have the trays for like 16 months but the dentist was telling me about a new procedure called Propel that accelerates the movement of the teeth by almost 50% at a cost of $500 for as many times as needed so I'm gonna probably do that so instead of 16 it will be like 8 to 9 months so I'm excited about that but I'll keep you updated when I get my trays probably around September 30
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We have one community member, Maiganb09, who used Propel, and she's nearly done with treatment.  It worked perfectly for her.  (The link takes you to her review).  She only had one treatment of the Propel, but it was a shorter treatment time overall than yours.  Extremely excited to see if you get it!!!  You would be only our second :), and I don't think there are any other reviews of regular people doing Propel on the internet.  Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
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