Can Anyone Suggest Me Another Treatment, Beacuse I Had a Scar on my Face Because of That FRAXEL LASER! - Manila, Philippines

I really had a bad experience in this FRaxel laser...

I really had a bad experience in this FRaxel laser treatment! its so painful and the result right after is so scarry face, its like you're a victim in a fire! Im in my 3rd week of this laser and the result is it leaves several scar lines in my face! its like Im a walking chess board!

Now Im looking a past remedy to clearly removed all the lines! BADLY NEEDED! coz Im applying for a job that requires a fair skin! Oh pls help!

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hey try retina A creme, or tretinoine creme 0.025% or 0.05% It is only on doctor receipt, but for me it does miracles, I use it to improve my skin from wrinkles and since I use it I look better then 1 year ago, I am middle 20's and i started to get fine lines, they are all gone. People also use it to improve acne scares, I start using it for other scares as well now, not sure yet how well it will work, but at least it's worth trying, be carefull it's aggressive!
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Hi,Ayie, Any updates, please?
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I also looked like my face was burned in a fire. 11 months and it just get's worst, and I have tried everything.
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Hi ayie,

Welcome to the Fraxel community. It's been a few days since you last posted, how's everything going? I know it takes a few weeks to fully recover and for all the lines to go away fully. Have you gone back to your doctor and talked to them? Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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