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On October 19, 2013, I had alarplasty & an...

On October 19, 2013, I had alarplasty & an L-shaped silicone to build up the bridge of my nose & to add shape to the tip. I hadn't spent much time on deciding on what implant to use, but since I know a few people who had success with silicone implants, I didn't think it would cause me much problems. I was healing just fine until a few weeks ago, I noticed the incision that was made slowly started to open up & I could kinda see the implant. I called my doctor right away. He told me that it possibly meant my body was rejecting the silicone implant. He stitched it up and told me that if the incision fully heals, it should be fine. Unfortunately, it didn't fully heal & I am left with taking out the L-shaped silicone implant & having a nose revision. At first, I was a little bummed out, but I have accepted the fact that I didn't make such a wise choice in what implant to get. My doctor did tell me the pro/cons of each option so I don't blame him. I def' wish I went with my gut feeling. Tomorrow, I will have my consultation with the same doctor. Please keep me in your prayers. :) I will be scheduled for revision sometime this week!

I will definitely be thinking of you! Will you replace the implant with a different type?

Thank you! This time around goretex was used to build up my nose bridge and my own cartilage was used to shape the tip of my nose. :)
def keeping you in my prayers! I would Google how to heal from this type of surgery what kind of vitamins and supplements to be on. you definitely want a diet high in protein. stay away from cigarette smoke. get lots and lots of rest and sleep for the next few weeks and months. best of luck to you!

2 hours after the operation

DECEMBER 17, 2013 - The day of my rhinoplasty revision. This operation was def' a different experience fom the first.

First rhinoplasty experience:
1.5-2 hours
Experienced no pain during the operation
Pain scale - 4/10
2.5-3.5 hours
The anesthesia kept wearing off... so I def' felt pain from time to time esp. the anesthesia shots were painful (I have a high pain tolerance).
Pain scale 9/10.

Hope your recovery is going well!
I look forward to seeing your pictures! Good luck, gets lots of rest!
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