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Hi there, I had my vaginal repair and...

Hi there,
I had my vaginal repair and rejuvination last 3 weeks, as of now im still on recovery period. It is still swelling and the thread stitches is still there around the lips of my vagina. It is painful that much but it is making me so uneasy coz it is so itchy most of the times.hope time will fly fast so that i will know the outcome of it. The procedure is quite expensive, hope the result would be worth to the amount that i had spent. Can anyone tell me how much time should i wait before it would heal totally? Thanks.
Hello! Labioplasty gives very rewarding results but the recovery time takes time. Since it a humid area, it takes longer to heal. The recovery time depends on the person but it can take 6 weeks to 2 months to feel normal again.
Hello there, Im on my 25th day from my vagina repair and rejuvination. So much uncomfortable with my fellings..stitches of thread is still there, its not painful but it is itchy...can anyone advice me if i need to take an antibiotic? How much time do you think it would take before the stitches of thread totally dissapered?
Hi there just wanna ask who did ur surgery was it an ob gyne or surgeon? M also from the philipines
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