Fat Injection 8 Days Ago

I have mild pain after the surgery that is why i...

i have mild pain after the surgery that is why i thought the recovery period is only few days but my face is still swollen. I am still waiting for my face to subside to see the real result.

Hi! I just had fat grafting procedure done 8 days ago and my face is still swollen and my lips receeded...will my lips go back to its old self? what should i do or take to help the swelling subside?i did take arnica after the surgery.


Not sure what to make of the lips receding, but I can tell you with my own experience with fat injections that it takes a really, really long time for the swelling to go down. Unfortunately, you just have to be patient with the swelling. Even after two weeks, you will see some swelling. It eventually goes away.
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