3rd Week Otoplasty Will This Be the Final Result

I underwent unilateral otoplasty on my right ear...

I underwent unilateral otoplasty on my right ear and i want to know if this is alrady the permanent result after some swelling had fade. I still feel numb on the upper part of my ear and i can see that the upper part seem to stick out i don't know if this is because of swelling or do i have under corrected ears. In addition the fold in my ears doesn't look natural at all please tell me your opinion.
The swelling from surgery is usually gone at three weeks. If you feel that the ear sticks out too much, it is very unlikely that it will get better with more time. In fact your ear may become more prominent with time as the skin stretches. You should return to your surgeon and express your concerns.

According to this question, it can take a few months for swelling to subside. So, you're probably not at your final result yet. But your results look great so far!

Feel free to post your photos and question in the Doctor Q&A Forum if you'd like some professional opinions on your recovery. Here's the link.

it looks amazing and definitely normal. you are probably being too paranoid. - where and who did you go to in the Philippines? was the place clean and comfortable?
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