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My Face Looks Like a Brown Cake - Philippines

I had it October 10, 2010 at 1pm and stayed in my...

I had it October 10, 2010 at 1pm and stayed in my face for about 10 hours. So far no reaction yet. Anyway, I will let you know tomorrow again.


Thanks for sharing your experience. How are you doing today?

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This is my second day after Cosmelan 1. This morning I started the Cosmelan 2, So far my face is still a little bit red. I will see after 2 more days and I will let you know.

It was a waste of time and money!!! The...

It was a waste of time and money!!! The pigmentation still on my face. They gave me another treatment aside from cosmelan and still the outcome was the same. Never I will have a second application. That's all I can say.


I recent had a tca chemical pell. Not worth $$ or down time. Didnt work for me. In fact, my face looks worse, same brown spots and melasma still there. Very disappointed. Bleach not working either. Omgosh. Now what. Laser is very painful. Several treatments work over time, but very painful.

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Hi my dermatologist recommended me to undergo cosmelan treatment. i do not have dark spots, only freckles. after c1, my face was a rosy and it was firm/taut. it's telling me my skin just got firm which is good in a way. on the 2nd and 3rd it started peeling. it wasnt an ugly peeling, i can still put make-up on but i cant conceal the peeling. i was excited to use the c2 on the third night. when i awoke the next day, my skin looked better. i have been applying the c2 only at night and so far, its working for me :) it's been 8 weeks since i applied c2 and am so loving the results. i have less oilier skin, most of the freckles diminished... my skin looks radiant! so far? i love what i see
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I have tried the C2 and it worked very well. My melasma is deep so nothing ever worked. This is th first product that showed me some hope. I am getting the whole treatment in a few weeks. I will try and let you know how that goes.
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