Butt Injection

I am living at los angeles, am looking for a...

I am living at los angeles, am looking for a surgeon who could evaluate my butt silicone injected.At least, will lessen the volume, there is a redness but as of now there is no pain.Please help.As much as possible, no surgery.

I had butt silicone injected 600cc 5 years ag.I ...

I had butt silicone injected 600cc 5 years ag.I understand it is difficult to remove, can i just leave it like that? i have to move on with my life. -- Updated on Jan 23, 2010: Hi there! Hopefully someone or doctor can help me out of this problem, i had silicone injection 6years ago and i want to lessen the redness and evaluate me. Dont have any serious problem but i want someone who will take care of it, please help.
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Wow! I did not know they did silicone implants for the buttocks in Manila. I had hydrogel augmentation in Manila in 2008. I did not want a JLO-esque contour; I wanted to fill my slacks and have a rounded contour and that is what I got. I love it, I look normal and so far, I have had not one single problem. I recommend that you see a board certified plastic surgeon because silicone is very dangerous if it travels. Hydrogel is made up largely of water and that is why I chose it. The Manila doctor also told me this can be removed if needed. So far, it is staying well. Best to both of you. Mabuhay!
Have you found a doctor to check and/or remove it? I heard Dr. Calayan now has a clinic in LA (Beverly Hills). Would you please let me now as I had butt injection as well and I have mild pain. For 3 days now I have this throbbing pain on my butt and burning sensation. I would like to have mine remove as I heard it migrate or move.
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