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I always had pimples on my chin or somewhere...

I always had pimples on my chin or somewhere around lip area. I used to go to an obagi clinic and i used cleziderm products and it helped clearing the pimples i didn't have any while i was using the products but as i switched to another system which is the nuderm i started getting back pimples after days of use, so i stopped using nuderm and switch back to clenziderm. when my pimples are cleared out i decided to stop using any beauty products aside from obagi sunblock and used a mild soap-free cleanser and i think it helped i didn't have pimples for awhile, i stopped visiting the clinic too. but just late last month i started using a whitening cream, whitening soap and a whitening sunblock after a week of use pimples stated to breakout and they are worse than before they were like bad acne so i decided to go back to obagi clinic to purchase clenziderm products and consulted the doctor she recommended blue peel she told me the benefits and what to do after the procedure and of course she prescribed lots of potions and lotions etc. (it's like getting robbed every time i go to that clinic!) She didn't tell me how bad it will be while healing it's my 5th day but my skin hardly peel, but it cracks it became brittled, wrinkled and looks like burnt! Is it because i didn't have any preparations before the procedure like using nuderm before doing blue peel? if so what shall i do? I dont really know yet if blue peel is good for me as i'm still in the process of healing but as what i've read from all the reviews what i am experiencing now is pretty much the same experiences from those who regret a getting blue peel and it's scares me as they said their skin problems became worse and some of them took months to heal :(

hi marg! it's been 7 months since i started using the obagi nu-derm system which i purchased in the philippines (greenbelt makati), the doctors were great, as far as my experience is concerned!i never had any pimple or acne, but the 1st few months of using the system, i also felt uncomfortable and uneasy looking at myself in front of the mirror, especially when i returned here in canada which made things look worse because it was winter here then and my face was so dry and peeling like crazy. however, i patiently continued using it and gradually sees the effect. to a few, overall result might take place in 4 months but it varies from a person to another, it could be longer. my face is not like what in the "after" photos but i tell you it's far better than before i start using the system. my advise to you is to avoid jumping from one product to another, even if you stop using one for a quite some time before using's not gonna help and you're just not helping your own skin to adjust to the treatment. use not just one product, but all in the system, whether nu-derm or which ever else. blue peel only works and should be done if you already have started with an obagi regimen, and most of all, the best line of treatment on top of all those expensive PATIENCE...and that's free :-)..cheers and good luck!!

I'm sorry to hear you are feeling worried. Is there a good dermatologist in your area you could go to and get their opinion on what your skin needs? It doesn't sound like you have a lot of confidence in your current clinic and you deserve to be well cared for.

doctor from obagi clinic

the doctor spent more time checking what products i need (which means sales for them) than checking my skin problems. I would prefer another doctor when i go back for follow up check up.

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