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Hi, i had a rhinoplasty 20 days ago and im really...

hi, i had a rhinoplasty 20 days ago and im really worried about the result of it because the nostrils is not even, the left side is higher then the other, i ask my doctor about this and his answers to me is not clear. is there any posibilities that it will be even? i really appreciate if you can help me on this matter...or is there anyway i can correct it??

I had rhinoplasty almost 4 mos ago and the tip of my nose is swollen very unevenly, even in pictures it looks lopsided. I knew to begin with that the swelling does not necessarily disburse/go down at the same rate throughout. I am told with my skin type, it could be another 6-8 months for all of the swelling to be gone. I only because that it is said that after this far along, the look will not change much more.

From your pic and the short time it has been, I wouldn't be worried in the slightest.
I had rhinoplasty 1 month ago and my whole nose is uneven. One nostrils is smaller than the other. My doctor tells me to give it time because it's still swollen.
It looks real good, give it some time to heal. Don't be so concious about it.
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