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After 10 years dealing with mess up eyebrows after...

After 10 years dealing with mess up eyebrows after my aunt recommended a friend yo do them i was devastaded long time suffering with horrible eyebrows...i looked everywhere in tje pa area so get them laser of after so much reviews i finally found a place near by in my area and i finally went for it

im so glad i did its been 2 weeks from my first treatment and they have faded alot do much that i really hope they completely fade by the second treatment....for anyone with the same problem trust me i know exactly how it feels to have people stare and talk things with out knowing what happen.

i just wanna give sn advice plz woman be happy with yourself and just how you are alot of us dont appreciate wat we look like till things like this happens im blessed that i found my doctor if i wouldnt i would of have to live with this all my life :(

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It seems that there are many women who, like you, weren't happy with the way their permanent eyebrow makeup turned out, so it is really good to hear your removal is going well.

Do you happen to know what kind of laser the doctor you are going to is using?

Yes he is using a Qswitch my next treatment is on may27 i will post pics up believe me its worth it...i really wanted for people to hear my story especially womans because alot of tattoo artists are not good at tattooing eyebrows


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