23Yr Old, Mother of 2 1/2yr old boy, 375CC Round Smooth HP

I am a mother of a 2 1/2 year old little boy and...

I am a mother of a 2 1/2 year old little boy and finally decided to Go For it since I never do anything nice for myself. I have always wanted boobs, my sister had a boob job a few years back, when I realized her growth she told me the reason her boobs were so much bigger was from her birth control pills and she still wasn't done growing, I believed her and waited patiently for mine to come but they never did.. It took me a couple of years for me to finally put it together she lied, and she had implants lol. So, now its time for my implants.

Pre-op pictures

I barely fit into an A-cup before the surgery

Day 1

Last night and this morning was so nerve wrecking, especially because I was feeling a lil guilty for doing this for myself, and if sumthing bad were to happen to me I wouldn't be there for my child.. a lil morbid I know but I always think the worst. Dr. Lo made me feel at ease.. my heart was racing and I was so nervous, but everyone there comforted me and were all so nice.

post op 7-8hours

So waking up wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.. yes there was a lot of tightness and discomfort but not what I was expecting at all! I usually freak out if I feel I can't breath but I'm dealing fine.. the more time goes by the more sore, tender, and stiff it gets, but still manageable so far.. I'm still in bandages until tomorrow, I can't wait to see what these puppies look like!! I keep tryna catch a sneak peek at them, but I'm wrapped so tight um yea I don't think that's gonna happen Lol

few hours post-op

Day 1 Post-Op

OK so last night I slept with pillows propped up to a 45° angle, and rolled a small blanket under the crease of my leg, anything higher gave me those dreaded sharp burning pains in my lower boobs. I had back surgery 10yrs ago n the same thing happened n its the nerves trying to reconnect, but ouch that hurts! I have high tolerance to pain meds so I took a Tylenol pm n I was out like a light... I woke up and the tightness in my chest was nearly gone, n I fell asleep with ice packs n didn't realize Lol I thought they were gone wen I looked up! Lol I took the bandages off and nope, they're def still there n I'm in love!!! Took a shower, but noticed I have really dark purplish bruises in my armpits near the incision n I can hear squishing around but doc says its normal. Also my left is slightly higher n larger than left but hey I was assymeteical to begin with at least the nips r lined up, hopefully they stay that way! The doc's assistant reminded me to take at easy no matter how good ur feeling, n boy is she right! Yesterday painranged from a 7,8,9(more just uncomfortable) today was more like 6/7 and a 5 or less wen iI'm resting.. but I felt so good today I did a no no wen I decided to lift a maybe 5lb stereo and burning stabbing in my boob- oops! Learned my lesson.. I'm so excited with how they're coming along. Most of my pain is under my armpits now. For those of you that do have high tolerance to pain as well the muscle relaxers help better in my opinion. I'll try to post pics but my phone deleted this status 3x..

1 day poat op

Sorry I couldn't upload the ones I wanted for some reason but here they are! 1day post op 375Cc HP sillicone

Day 2

I woke up feeling great, didn't do much of anything, except lounged around. I've been very forgetful and time is flying by so fast I think from the muscle relaxers lol.. But afternoonish I got very nauseous and felt light headed, dizzy, and even a little feverish. My sons thermometer that you swipe across forehead read 100 degrees, but went down after several minutes( not sure I trust those to be accurate to begin with.) I was so bloated and didn't have a bowel movement since the surgery so I think that played a part in the nausea. My boyfriend brought me home castor oil which didn't taste like anything but the thick oil feeling made me want to gag. Back pain came back again, which Ive always had a bad back so I just took meds and fell asleep again--felt kinda sick all day... oh yea and ever since the surgery I cannot quench my thirst, I've drank probably 3 or 4 of those 32oz Gatorade and still my mouth feels so dry. I finally had a BM and feel so much better again.. the girls have even softened up a bit too, and I cant stop massaging and touching them ;-) No pics today, wasn't feeling up for it but hopefully tomorrow Ill post some.

Day 3

Feeling better today. Still really short of breath easily and feel faint n dizzy at times but no pain meds today. I feel swelling has gone down a bit. They look so much better in person than my pics I swear! Lol

1 Week post-op

I can't believe its been only 1 week since the surgery. I feel great, doing more than I should but I have a two n half year old without much help.. I'm feeling that they are too huge for me! I think I'm just not used to them yet.. had my post-op appointment yesterday n he showed me how to do my massages... they're still very high up n firm but its only been a week n I already felt a jiggle Lol .. I just need to take it easy cause at night I feel it.. hope everyone's having a smooth sailing journey!

2 week update

So its been two weeks and I've been feeling a lot better! Doing housework and stuff.. I feel them softening up already which is great. I'm just worried that they're still very asymmetrical.. my left breast had more sagging and stretched more from breastfeeding since my son favored that boob. The right was tighter and skin wasn't as stretched... SK the right one has dropped and started creating the teardrop shape, while the left is more rounded from the side profile. The Dr. Said to keep doing my massages more vigorously on the left to get it to drop more since the right ones been fine... overall I'm getting used to the size, with the dropping I feel like they're actually smaller now.. hopefully things even out more and then I'll be really happy.. the scars are feeling really good too..

Holy Sensitivity Batman!

So I decided to add a more detailed update, I was going thru some things at home n didn't feel up to write anything.. I have been able to sleep on my side for the past week, with a soft pillow under my breast. This is the only way I can sleep. They're more sore at night and in the morning, but my god they are Extremely Sensitive!! I'm sitting here drinking a cold soda n they're reacting from the cold Lol .. my nipples are super sensitive. I've always heard Ppl having less sensitivity, not more Lol .. at my 2week post-op appt. I was cleared to wear bras with no underwire- but I can't seem to find any for sum reason. I've been wearing these loose cami's and I feel like its been helping me drop more. I've been massaging vigourously, it feels uncomfortable at times- like my implants going to pop out of the bottom Lol (which led me to worry if I can bottom out from massaging) but I font think so.. I took a lot of time off work since its very physical work, but I was also cleared to go to the gym and start lifting with my legs, when I asked my Dr. When I could start lifting with my upper body again- he looked at me like I was crazy n was like, "your not ready to lift yet are you!!?" Haha no, not at all.. I get sore from lifting milk sumtimes- I've been trying yo not overdo things, but I ho crazy sitting around too.. but I'm really starting to love them more and more each day, I feel like they are evening out more in person they look great but in pics they really look asymmetrical..idk- I hope everyone's recovery is going smoothly!

Funny Moment

I am over 3 weeks post-op but Ive been so busy, I haven't uploaded any new pics, but I will soon. But today I went to the mall with my son, and I was still advised not to wear a bra yet, but I walked by the Hanes store and decided to go in and just get sized for the hell of it... So the lady asks me what size I usually wear and I said, " honestly, I just got these done, so I have no idea, but I used to wear a 32A".. so she takes out her measuring tape and shes measuring, measuring, and making squinty faces and finally she reveals my size as a whopping...... wait for it, wait for it.....! 34 A hahaha I laughed as she walked away, I almost peed myself but I was holding in the smiles and laughter... I really dont think Im a 34 A because Ive tried on my old bras and I definately couldnt fit them.. I thought it was funny because after all this money, I achieved an A-cup, and also, Wat the hell was I before a ---A hahaha. I didnt fill out an A cup but come on.. Oh well thought I'd share that story. Honestly I wanted to have a full B cup and I feel that I do and I am extremely Happy with the size and almost thought I went to big.. In the end of it, cup size doesn't matter at all- its how you feel that does.

over a month post op

One month after surgery, everythings great! I am cleared to wear a bra and fit into 34C cup! I am also cleared to start lifting weights as long as its only my arms- no chest exercises! Still twinges of pain here and there but nothing bad, ive been getting a ton of compliments at how good they look.. I'm so happy with the results
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Adrain Lo was very quiet and patient in explaining the procedure, the potential incisions, implant sizing, and any concerns I had. He is not a talker, but I already had an idea of what I wanted and he ensured me he could do that for me. Its also a HUGE plus that he specializes in the incision through the armpit, and his before and after pictures look the most satisfactory in my opinion. The office staff are very nice and they cooperate in a very professional manner to insure all my needs are met.

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Thanks for the 1 month post op pics. I think you look awesome! That's probably about the size I am shooting for. Are you also allowed to do aerobic activity? I like to lift weights and I also like to take Zumba classes and run. I am hoping I can get back to all of that asap....a month would be tolerable to wait. I don't think I could wait much longer than that! I am glad to hear you are doing well.
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Thanks for the recent update. I really appreciate it. I plan on calling Dr. Lo's office soon to make my Fall Appt. My biggest concern is picking the right size so I'm hoping to go in during the summer and talk in length about the size. Maybe I can find something to wear temporarily to see if I like the size. Did you do anything like that? I think you look great and it seems like you are recovering well. I hope the sensitivity goes away soon!
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I went to another consult where the dr. told me to wear the stockings filled with rice, but I never got around to doing it. What I really really liked about Dr. Lo was that he allowed me to see myself with implants, and the amount of cc's with his 3d imaging. I will post a pic of that as well when I get around to it, its not always going to give you a %100 accurate image, but I feel that mine is pretty close, as well as other women that ive seen.
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Thankyou ladies!! I didn't realize how stressful it can be after surgery to worry if they're going to look good during the healing process, but I guess time will tell... p.s. I wasn't using the bathroom wen I took the pic I swear! I just realized how that 2wk pic looked hahaha my son plays in the tub so I sit on the toilet with the seat down n snuck sum pics while he was playing with his tub toys lmao
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Wowoow they look really great, already taking good shape too
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Your results look great! My BA is scheduled for 5/20. At my initial consult they recommended a high profile at 300ccs. I worry that this results in more of a fake look - however that's not the case with you. How did you decide which profile to go with?
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I researched online a lot and liked the moderate plus profile look, but my Dr. said it would give me too much of a circular look with a lot of side boob..he said high profile were smaller in width but fit my France better- I trusted him and went with the high profile even though I was scared I was going to look like they were in my collar bone Lol . He explained that with the proper technique, and a bit of gravity smooth round HP's can create a nice teardrop shape while also giving me the needed cleavage
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Thanks for the 2 week update. I think they look awesome! I can see how the one is dropping a bit more but I can't imagine that is noticeable at all once you are in a bra or a bikini! It's only been 2 weeks so I'm sure everything will even out more for you. I'm still thinking about 350cc in the Fall so it's really helpful hearing what you think about your 375cc size since you are pretty similar in height and weight (within an inch and 10 pounds). I hope everything continues to go well and they settle more evenly for you!
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I took a spoon full of olive oil after 6 days of no BM...it was horrid! damn old wives tale lol Glad healing isnt going as bad for you hun!
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You look great! May I ask your height and weight? I am 5'6" and 125 pounds and I was thinking of 350cc but now I am thinking 375cc.
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I'm 5'5'' and about 115... I was going go with less at 1st consult like 275cc.. then Dr. Lo 3d machine we looked at 350, n then the 375cc gave me more cleavage.. I'm really happy with size but they still are a lil swollen but I think they'll pretty much stay like this except drop n fluff
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Hey Girl! Everything Went Well. You Look Great. Hope Everything Comes Out Wonderfully. Here Is A Tip. Drink Water Instead Of Gatorade. Gatorade Is Great For Reestablishing Electrolytes But Has Sodium And Will Make You More Thirsty. Nothing Better Than Water To Clench Your Thirst. Happy Healing!!
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Wupps!! Supposed To Say Quench Up Top! :-)
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Thanks for the tip! I didn't even think of that Lol
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Congrats!! Can't wait to see your updates! I'm 6 days away from my BA and look forward to hearing more about your experience.
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Congrats doll :) hope it continues to be a easy healing period for you!
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I am planning a FAll 2014 BA with Dr. Lo. I am probably going with a size similar to yours so I really appreciate the post-op pics in the future! It sounds like everything went smoothly. Good luck with the recovery!
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CONGRATS ON YOUR BA!! And I know it's so hard not to feel guilty, that darn mommy guilt always sets in. But you deserve to do something nice for yourself! I hope you have a smooth, speedy recovery!!
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All of us women deserve to treat ourselves once in a while, right lol and Thank you so much.. I'll keep updating to show how the girls are doing ;-)
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Lol she lied? Thats hilarious. What size and kind are you getting?
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I'm looking for a c-cup I am post op today and will put pics up as soon as I get around to it
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