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Mommy to 1 year old twins. I'm only 5'3 and they...

Mommy to 1 year old twins. I'm only 5'3 and they were both breach - so needless to say that pregnancy did a number on my tummy,. I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight now and would like some semblance of my old body back. I also have been diagnosed with a hernia from my where my son's head was pretty much protruding from my belly. Excited and scared. While I'm already under I'm having a breast augmentation as well.


Hi TwinMama2! I am looking to have a tt as well in Philadelphia. What doctor did u have if you dont mind me asking?
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Yup, i ended up doing full tummy tuck (because i had an umbilical hernia and big diastasis) and BA for my post breast feeding deflated chest, haha. I haven't been doing a good job documenting my journey, but i am 11 days post op now. I'm feeling great! I'm almost nervous because i feel like i'm getting off too easy with this recovery. Really i'm a little tired and my abs hurt when i occassionally chuckle, which i try not to do but i have been finding my little ones hilarious lately. The hardest part has been not picking them up. I miss it so much and feel guilty because my poor hubby is doing so much work. I was off pain meds at day 3 and had my drains removed on day 6. I hope everything keeps going this smooth (knock on wood).

Good luck with your surgery! I would describe the pain afterwards as feeling like you went to the gym the day before and did the most ridiculous ab workout in the universe and about 1000 pushups. I thought the pain was much less than my C-section. I woke up in recovery just so relieved that it was done so that i could stop stressing about the surgery and just start recovering!
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So you are having a mommy make over! Me to I am having a full tt, breast sug and lift, lipo or my flanks and back!
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