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DIEP Recon, Hernia Repair and Tummy Tuck - Tightness at 12 Weeks.

BC prompted the surgery.Too many cons to list, no...

BC prompted the surgery.

Too many cons to list, no pros. I would never have has a tummy tuck for cosmetic reasons, although I could have benefited from it, after having 2 'C' sections.

I am 12 weeks post tummy tuck. The tissue was taken for a DIEP recon to create breasts. Hernia repair was also done during same 8 hour surgery. I am experiencing very uncomfortable tummy tightness, that my PS assures me is 'normal',but has become more uncomfortable in last 2 weeks. PS did not recommend a binder. Is the tightness at this point in my recovery normal? I have read other comments here concerning tightness at 5 weeks, but I am way past that. I am 56. Thank You.
I am wondering if the PS should have recommended a binder...it sounds like maybe the tightness is due to swelling...I'd ask your PS if you maybe should have one now to keep the swelling down
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Extremely experienced doc, chief of PS at top ten hospital. I would recommend Hospital of University of PA to everyone.

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