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SmartXide for Adult Acne - Philadelphia, PA

Why did I do this to myself?!! :) Acne, acne scars...

Why did I do this to myself?!! :) Acne, acne scars and pigmentation problems.

-quick procedure
-fairly cost effective...it's a one time procedure after all for most!
-not too painful provided you have the numbing cream on beforehand (45min +) and my derm gave me Novocain shots in my mouth (dental block?)
-does even out skin tone...delivers what it says it will
-downtime (7-10 days)...compared to other procedures
-even 7 days out i can see a marked improvement in my acne scars and even chicken pox scars from when i was a kid!!
-you get to see improvement for the next 6 months! kind of neat to look back at pictures and see a big difference (at least this is what i've seen from others)

-you look like hell and think you'll never look normal again (you will).
-having aquaphor smeared all over your face for a few days. yuck...
-i broke out...if i do this a second time, i'll make sure to take an antibiotic beforehand. blemishes are healing quickly though
-there are still "track marks" 7 days out...but fading fast


Can you let me know who did this in Philadelphia-I like the price! cyndipa@comcast.net
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How are you doing now? Can you tell me who in Phila did it? I like the price. I am at cyndipa@comcast.net if you can let me know.
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Hi high,

Welcome to the SmartXide Community! It's been a few days since you last posted, do  you still have track marks? I'm glad the procedure worked like you had hoped it would, that's awesome. Will you go again, as needed in the future since this was such a positive experience? If you are comfortable sharing pictures we would love to see them. Please keep us updated.

Thanks so much for the review,


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