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My sweet hubby promised me a tummy tuck as a gift...

My sweet hubby promised me a tummy tuck as a gift for giving him 2 adorable girls (7 and 2). I am in grad school right now, and busy with my school work and kids; but my TT remains a priority, as I prepare mentally and in every other way for my big day. I have my first consultation on 9/14 with a board certified PS, highly recommended by several friends. We'll see how that goes. I do have another physician in mind just in case. If I think a lot about it, I can become quite anxious. I just have to maintain a leveled-head for my school, and hopefully, time will pass without too much second-thoughts about the surgery. I'll keep you posted about my progress. I wish everyone safe surgeries and speedy recoveries!


Hei bubulica I came today back to check on you but there are no news. How it is going? Please tell me you go on with your plan. How it is school?
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O, mersi Zizi! I just saw your comments! Thank you, friend!
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Lumi, ma bucur ca ti-ai inceput jurnalul. Nu stiam ca ai si 2fetite. Sa va traiasca. Si mergi si la scoala? Cum a mers consultatia? Voi fii aici si Te voi sustine , totul va fii bine vei vedea. Voi comenta de acum in Engleza sa nu suparam fetele. Congratulation and I can't wait to sustain you on journey.
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