Thoughts/Opinions on African American Rhinoplasty + Top Lip Augmentation - Philadelphia, PA

So, basically, I've been toying with the idea of a...

So, basically, I've been toying with the idea of a nose job for a while...while the top lip filler seems more plausible and cheaper, I wanted some opinions on my natural nose and my goal nose.

From the pics, you can see I already have a defined bridge, I just want a less bulbous/more refined and defined tip and maybe slightly less width. I just hate how my nose starts out thin and gradually gets more bulbous, like a skinny, long triangle shape :p ..

Also you can see my top lip disappears when I smile. I want those full plump lips (much like my bottom lip), so how many cc's do you guys think I'll need? TIA!
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Girl your nose is mad pretty already.. the nose you showed before is ugly compared to the one you have and your lips is cute.. Lol That could be your beautiful flaw for all we know (your top lip when smiling)
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Wow.. U are very pretty, in fact beautiful. I can't understand why u would want to change ur nose & lips. I also NEED A RHINOPLASTY ASAP as a result of having kids I had de pregnancy nose dat won't go down. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE UR NOSE.
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Have you chosen a surgeon yet? Good luck.
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Thanks for starting your story here on RealSelf! I like your nose now, too! If you do go forth with this though, make sure to find a surgeon who is very experienced in African American noses. From what I've heard it's a pretty different skill set than working on caucasian noses. I would recommend that you schedule at least three consultations with board certified plastic surgeons who have done a lot of AA noses and you can also ask about their recommendations for your upper lip. I had one syringe put in both lips, 70% on top and 30% of it on the bottom and it was a pretty significant difference. You can kind of keep checking as you go and decide if you want to go fuller.

Please keep us posted!
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I think your nose looks great how it is! If I had your nose I'd be happier.
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