Thoughts/Opinions on African American Rhinoplasty + Top Lip Augmentation - Philadelphia, PA

So, basically, I've been toying with the idea of a...

So, basically, I've been toying with the idea of a nose job for a while...while the top lip filler seems more plausible and cheaper, I wanted some opinions on my natural nose and my goal nose.

From the pics, you can see I already have a defined bridge, I just want a less bulbous/more refined and defined tip and maybe slightly less width. I just hate how my nose starts out thin and gradually gets more bulbous, like a skinny, long triangle shape :p ..

Also you can see my top lip disappears when I smile. I want those full plump lips (much like my bottom lip), so how many cc's do you guys think I'll need? TIA!
I seriously didn't know that your pictures were before pics. I had to reread the title. It looks fine to me! I know it's a personal choice, but it really looks like an after nose, not one with issues.
Don't touch your nose! For real it looks just like my dream nose pic!
Girl your nose is mad pretty already.. the nose you showed before is ugly compared to the one you have and your lips is cute.. Lol That could be your beautiful flaw for all we know (your top lip when smiling)
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