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Had my teeth whitened using Zoom. It did...

Had my teeth whitened using Zoom. It did absolutely nothing except hurt. I was expecting descent results, like if I used Crest White Strips every day for a few months or something..but nothing happened at all. It hurt really bad, it was hard to eat for 2 days afterward and again, there was absolutely no noticeable difference at all. There are some people on here who are posting pictures of themselves getting their teeth whitened when they already look they have amazingly white teeth, which I will never understand..my teeth aren't horribly discolored, but they definitely need work..and this did absolutely nothing at all. I talked to my dentist last year about having Zoom done and he said it's nothing but a waste of money and that there really are no true benefits of having it done.


I had the same thing done and it was so painful that I couldn't sit through it the first time so it didn't turn out white like my dentist had wanted them so I had to go back and have it done again OMG it was the worst anytime any air would hit my teeth it was so painful so I had to like suck my teeth or when I talked protect my teeth with my lips it was the worst I couldn't even eat right I had to cover my mouth to even talk at times I will never do it again but it did make my teeth bright white like I had veneers lol
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I'm sorry it didn't work for you, despite going through the pain and everything.  Almost everyone reports a great difference, though many do say it's not worth the pain.  So the frustration of going through the pain and not getting the whitening….  Do you have any special issues that would make whitening particularly difficult?  I know some people with tetracycline staining, for example, have had some results using KoR.  I get great results from my at-home Opalescence kit.  Have you tried any at-home whitening kids that you use in custom trays?
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