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Purchased a bottle of 20% TCA online, really happy...

Purchased a bottle of 20% TCA online, really happy with the results. Skin looks smooooth! and supple.


I did a three-tier peel. The first-pass was with a 30% salycilic acid peel (pimply skin, you know...). Left that on for a couple of minutes and then neutralized it with some kind of agent purchased from the same vendor as the acids. My face frosted like you wouldn't believe.

The second pass was the 20% TCA which I left on until it stopped burning. The same deal with the third pass. I chickened out and left the lower eyelids alone, I wish I didn't. Well, there is always the next time!

After all three passes, after the burning sensation subsided, I washed the face with cold water for the next 5 to 10 minutes. It is my understanding that TCA will self neutralize (or so it says on the manual that came with the acid) after some time. But I used the neutralizing agent after washing my thorougly frosted face with water, and then washed and washed again to make sure the acid was gone.

The first day after the feel I kept applying neosporin. From the second day on it was up to Cetafil to make me better.

My skin peeled almost completely the next day! I was beet-red and looked severely burned.

It took me about 10 days to go from looking like a burn victim to just barely pinkish, but to completely heal, it took 2 weeks.

I loved the new complexion. Some sun spots are faded but not yet gone, but the texture is awesome. I still have half a bottle left, my Mom just did her peel 5 days ago.
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Hi LittleRedRidingHood, 

Welcome to the community. Wow, $50 what a deal. How did you leave it on for, other community members sometimes have difficulties with that part when doing it at home. Please keep us updated. Thanks so much for the review.



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at home peel

I did the peel at home, but since the review cannot be submitted without evaluating the doctor, I was the doctor in this case, and I am happy with the results!

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